Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Okay, regarding today's KaLeo article "It's Time for the Naked Truth on Breasts". As a woman, I was surprised, and slightly disturbed by what "Arrora Borealis" found in her survey. I suppose it could be interpreted that men aren't as superficial as previously thought, since they rated her higher without the cleavage! However, what about women who are naturally endowed with large breasts? Are they forever doomed to be seen as sluts? Will men always make obnoxious sexual comments about them and ignore all other aspects of their bodies and personalities? This really bothers me... it's wrong for people (especially men, I must say) to be this superficial. Are people so uneducated that they always rush to such hasty judgements? I can't get over the difference between what men said about her with and without the cleavage. Women's bodies weren't created just so men could look at them and say, "I'd do her". I find the whole thing discouraging. What do you guys think about this? And honesty would be appreciated. I know that most guys, when hanging out with their friends, have made comments like this about girls, so I won't believe guys who respond by saying "I never think that way about girls!" Or, "I'm totally different. I don't care about a girl's body." Let's hear some realism. Is there any way around this type of thinking? It's like, girls have it bad either way. They feel inadequate if they have small breasts, and self-conscious if they have large ones. Is there any way to win?