Saturday, May 03, 2003

I just wanted to make a couple of quick comments about previous submissions. While I definitely dislike the leftist belief that corporations are automatically evil, exploitative organizations, etc.-I do think that there are a lot of corrupt corporations out there. Then again, there are a lot of good ones as well... In regards to McDonalds, I recommend reading "Fast Food Nation". I was a huge fast food eater before I read that... now I won't touch the stuff. In general, I do think local, smaller businesses are better for our economy, and better for society in general, since they represents the efforts of individual entrepreneurs. Starbucks though, I might add, is well-known to be a responsible corporation that treats its employees extremely well! So Ms. Klungness is obviously jumping to fallacious conclusions.. surprise surprise.
The other comment I wanted to make was about Casey Ishitani. I actually know him from one of my classes, and I've found all this controversy interesting. To me, he's like the Eminem of UH. He's just mouthing off, and everyone reacts just the way he expects them to. I don't take any of it seriously... He's actually a really nice guy, and really intelligent. I wish everyone would stop getting so excited about everything he writes... most of it is just talk, he doesn't really believe it. I certainly don't agree with a lot of what he writes, but I ignore it. Just like Eminem... would I listen to him if I really believed he hated women and homosexuals? No, but I understand it's just hype. I think a lot of people at UH need to loosen up! The PC police are rampant.