Thursday, April 10, 2003

A First Entry for The Fiftieth Star

Stuart K. Hayashi

The University of Hawaii at Manoa is in chaos. What is supposed to be an institution of higher learning has instead become one of the last "respectable" enclaves for academic Marxists who, now shunned by the very American establishment that took them so seriously in the 1930s, use their classes as indoctrination mills so that they can convert a whole new generation of youths like us to their odious ideology.

In that tradition, one Marxian editorialist for the University of Hawaii's official student newspaper, Ka Leo O Hawai'i -- a Christopher Johns -- refers to his own America-bashing proselytizing as Revolutionary Prose. That is the title of his column, and it is the very antithesis of "truth in advertising," for it is anything but revolutionary. Johns's pro-socialist columns are not signs of independent thought; rather, they are the parrotings of the endless tirades against corporations and the bourgeoisie carried out every day by an appalling number of professors in the social sciences and humanities departments. As a columnist, Johns comes off as a mere puppet of the academic social sciences establishment.

Instead of actually teaching students like us -- which they were hired to do -- all too many of these false wisemen waste our time and money by telling us how we should feel guilty for living in a country that uses fossil fuels, fights wars against the likes of Saddam Hussein, and even encourages people to buy houses in the suburbs with a two-car garage. That is nothing to feel guilty for, but that is understood by far fewer bright students than we would expect -- particularly if we mean students who have been in the social sciences programs for years and who trust their professors to divulge information as objectively as they can. We see deliberate attempts by professors to manipulate the moral paradigms of us students and disguise this as "education." That is the state of "higher learning" today.

And it needs to be changed.

Christopher Johns's fallacious editorials are correct on only one point: the University of Hawaii does need a revolution -- not one as trite and insipid as an assault on factories or billionaires, but a peaceful one to enlighten people about the nature of what's really happening in academia today. To overthrow the despotism of the doctrinaire leftist oligarchy that reigns over the University of Hawaii, Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Dartmouth, Berkeley, and many, many other places, we do not need any bombs or violence -- all we need is to show people the truth, and to particularly expose them to a superior worldview that encourages rationality and industriousness and particularly the spirit of free enterprise so embedded in American culture.

That's our revolution -- a moral-intellectual awakening by means of common sense, logic, and some fun along the way.

The academic Marxists are not the true campus revolutionaries. We, the pro-Americans, are.

The battle over government control of Iraq is winding down. But our battle to show our fellow students how the world really works is far from over. May the best philosophy prevail.