Friday, September 28, 2007

The SuperFerry

Pablo Wegesend

I have so busy this past month, that only I'm able to blog about the biggest controversy in Hawaii --- The SuperFerry.

The SuperFerry is a group of boats that transports people between the different islands of Hawaii. This is something that should've done a long time ago. That way, we're not over-reliant on airplanes to visit the other islands.

However, some on Kauai don't want any visitors! They're angry that the SuperFerry will give Oahu residents another way to (gasp) visit their island. They want Kauai to be same way it was when they were growing up! (Nevermind that NO PLACE IN THE WORLD hasn't experienced change in the last 20 years)

These anti-SuperFerry fanatics believe that their utopia island would be ruined by Oahu people who would clog their highways, shopping centers, and commit crime, etc, etc, etc.

These anti-SuperFerry were so pissed off about it, that when the SuperFerry made it's 1st attempt to travel from Oahu to Kauai, some came on their surfboards to block the SuperFerry, they yelled threats, and vandalized cars!

Let's call those punks what they are --- Nostalgia Fascists! They're so set on keeping their island 100% the same as was in the past, that they'll use violent tactics against any change, no matter how minor!

If that's how they're gonna be, this is how we ought to deal with them

1) No Kauai Nostalgia Fascist would be allowed recieve non-Kauai assistance if their homes were damage by hurricanes, tsunamis, etc.

Those ingrates took advantage of all the help Oahu residents gave when their island was ruined by Hurricane Iniki in 1992. Many Oahu carpenters (my dad included) helped in renovating homes, airports, businesses, etc in Kauai after Hurricane Iniki. Those Nostalgia Fascists ought to be ashamed of themselves!

2) No Kauai Nostalgia Fascist would be allowed to visit anywhere outside Kauai!

Any of them want to visit Las Vegas? (most popular tourist destination for Hawaii residents)TOO BAD!

Any of them want to watch their young relatives on Kauai high school teams playing a game on Oahu? TOO BAD!

Any of them want to visit a long-time friend who moved to Maui? TOO BAD!

Any of them want to visit the volcanoes on the Big Island? TOO BAD!

Any of them have a curiosity of what it's like in foreign lands? TOO BAD! That's what they get for being rude to those who were curious of what it's like on Kauai!


Meanwhile, some said the SuperFerry would help disabled people visit other islands, and give high school sports team a cheaper way to travel to the other islands to play in tournaments!

These people are the onese most hurt by those Nostalgia Fascists!